How Do I Join?


Welcome! You can begin attending church anytime, but we want to make sure you “land well,” connect, and have the right resources if you are considering becoming Catholic.  Therefore, we encourage you to go right to the top, and contact our Pastor Father Brad.  He will be happy to answer questions or even schedule a meeting with you and your family to get to know you.  Please feel free to email him at, or call the parish office at 206-546-2451.

You may also stop by the parish office (O’Brien Center on the hill, next to the gym) to get information and an official “registration form,” or contact the “Mass Host,” who introduces and the Mass and gives the announcements on a given Sunday.

If you have already decided that you want to find out more about joining the Catholic Church, please email or contact Lisa Walsh at or call her at the parish office: 206-546-2451.


Welcome to the neighborhood!  We do not currently do online registration for several reasons.  You can find registration forms in the Church, and at the Parish Office.  We encourage you to come to Coffee and Donuts on Sunday, or sign up for something to begin getting engaged, and getting to know people so that Saint Luke begins to feel like home as soon as possible.