Prayer Resources

Below are several Catholic prayer resources:

  • Here is a printable PDF, which contains the most common Catholic Prayers.  Click here.
  • A more extensive list of prayers.  Click here.
  • This link is a printable PDF explaining how to pray the rosary.  For an excellent online rosary with Scripture verses for each bead, click here.
Daily Meditations
  • Diane Neville offers excellent guided meditations using the imagination to enter into Bible stories. Click here for the website, or here to subscribe to her Podcast
  • “Sacred Space” has daily meditations by the Irish Jesuits. Click here.
  • “Pray as you go” partners with “Sacred Space” and is a wonderful daily prayer resource with new meditations, Scriptures and music each day.  Click here.
Jesuit and Carmelite Resources
  • Loyola Press dedicates this site to Jesuit spirituality following the great Saint Ignatius.  Click here.
  • “Meditations from Carmel” offers a great volume of Carmelite Prayer resources.  Click here.
Liturgy of the Hours
  • “Divine Office” offers one way to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Click here.
  • Universalis offers another format to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.  Click here.