OUr Vision

At St Luke we want members of all ages to be able to grow in their faith, and to be accompanied by at least 5 other people who they know are invested in their spiritual lives. Because of that many of our models are small group oriented. We think this is a good model because it’s what Jesus did to form his disciples. In addition to the small group models below we have a number of individual spiritual exercises that we encourage parishioners to try.

One Church

Our main adult faith formation activity occurs during One Church on Wednesday Nights.  For those who wish, we gather for supper from 5:45 – 6:25pm.  Afterwards, the youth are dismissed to age-appropriate faith formation, while the adults stay in the auditorium for a talk followed by small group sharing.  One Church ends at 8:00pm.

Wednesday Faith Formation is “episodic” in that – although sessions build on one another – there would not be a time that you attend and have needed to attend a previous session to understand the content or enter into the discussion.  Even if you begin half-way through the year, or can only come every other week, it is tailored for everyone to be able to engage and get something out of it.

You can begin attending at any time and please check the calendar tab on the site for our next One Church Night. Email: with any other questions.


If you getting reengaged in your faith life, or new the Catholicism or Christianity, or if your just curious about what Christians have to say about life’s big questions, we would love to have you try Alpha. Alpha is a 10 week, no pressure course that is a great way to meet others and talk about faith in a nonjudgmental space. You can find out more about Alpha here.

Email to find out about our next Alpha Course.

Home Groups

If you can’t do Wednesday nights, or if you are looking to go deeper with an consistent community of people, our Home Groups might be just the place for you. Home Groups are people who have already participated in Alpha and are looking to grow with others.  They typically have about 12-16 adults and their families who gather in a more personal setting than Wednesday nights. They either us the One Church series, have a faith sharing model, or work with Tony Vasinda and Susan Burdett to set their own track with parish support. Home Groups typically meet together for 12-24 month before splitting in half to form new groups.

Contact to find charter a Home Group, or to find out if any have openings.

Other Opportunities

There are countless other opportunities for Adult Faith Formation, which tend to be more specific or seasonal.  Please talk to Fr. Brad, Tony Vasinda or Lisa Walsh if you have specific needs or desires around Faith Formation; we are here to help you continue to grow in your faith.