Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministry is simply sharing one’s time and talent AT our celebration of the Eucharist.  It is a community effort to worship with “Full & active participation.”  Below are several ways you can use your gifts TO SERVE AND GLORIFY GOD AT MASS.


Altar Servers assist the presider at Mass, and other liturgical celebrations such as Stations of the Cross. Currently youth up to Junior Year in High School serve in this role.  A youth must be in 5th grade to serve weekend Masses.  At the end of 4th grade children who have shown great interest in altar serving are trained to serve daily Mass; and will do so during the summer, and then into 5th grade. Servers must be baptized Catholics who have received their first Eucharist.

Eucharistic Adoration

This first Friday of the month we hold Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from the conclusion of the morning Mass, until Benediction at 8:00pm.  Eucharistic Adorers enroll for a time slot, and commit to be there for an hour of prayer with the Lord Jesus every month.  We are also always looking for Team Members to help organize, and “substitutes” who can show up when a “regular adorer” is not able to attend.


Eucharistic Ministers, also known as “Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion,” do indeed do an “extra-ordinary” job, in helping to distribute Holy Communion, which is the most extraordinary Sacrament Catholics have continual access to.  Eucharistic ministers are trained and help the presider to be “The Body of Christ, giving the Body of Christ, to the Body of Christ” (Saint Augustine).  Beginning in 8th grade, as has been the custom for over 30 years at St. Luke, youth are offered the opportunity to be ministers of the Precious Blood and serve through high school.  Adult EM’s must be Catholics in good standing, having received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and – if married – also married in the Church.  It is expected that youth chalice ministers intend to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in due course.

GREETERS / Hospitality

Hospitality ministry is a big focus at Saint Luke.  We want regulars and newcomers alike to feel welcome, and that they are joining a community that cares about them and desires to know and serve them.  Hospitality Ministers serve before Mass greeting arrivals at the door.  They also minister at coffee and donuts: it is sometimes a courageous thing for newcomers to attend coffee and donuts, and our hospitality ministers make sure that newcomers are identified, welcomed, integrated and served.


There are times when a priest is not available to celebrate the Eucharist during the week.  Lay Presiders of “Service of Word and Communion” lead and pray the proper prayers for this liturgical celebration that regularly occurs on Tuesday, and occasionally occurs on other days of the week.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass both on weekends and on weekdays.  The proclamation of the Sacred Scriptures is a solemn and important ministry.  We also have a dedicated team that trains our young people to lector at our monthly “One Church Sunday” and at each Friday morning Mass. Adult lectors must be Catholics in good standing, having received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and – if married – also married in the Church.


Also known as “Altar Guild,” this “behind the scenes” ministry is very important for making sure that the Church is looking its best, befitting the dignity of the most important hour of a Catholic’s week.  There are a variety of ways and levels of involvement, all of which help.  “Many hands make light work.”


Mass hosts get “mic-ed up,” greet those assembled, give the announcements at the beginning of Mass, and focus the assembly on the theme of the Scripture readings & homily.  A Mass Host also gives the end of Mass announcements, and serves as a hub-of-information after Mass for those who might have questions.


Music is essential for a reverent and joyful Eucharistic Service.  Saint Augustine said a person who sings “prays twice.”  Saint Luke has several choirs, and are always looking for cantors (soloists), choir members, and instrumentalists.  If you have musical gifts or desire to develop these gifts, please don’t hesitate to contact our Music Director Eddie Donnelly by email ( or introduce yourself after Mass. Cantors must be Catholics in good standing, having received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and – if married – also married in the Church (this is required of cantors only, and not other musicians).


Sacristans prepare all the sacred vessels and other items needed for the celebration of the Mass. Sacristans are a crucial “behind the scenes” ministry; and we are always in need of more of them – for both daily Mass and for our weekend Masses.  We train and equip sacristans with the knowledge needed to confidently and successfully prepare for Mass.


Saint Luke is blessed with a high-tech sound board and mixer which control and harmonize all the microphones, instruments’ inputs, and other sounds coming through the sound system.  If you have interest in learning how to operate the sound board, and are willing to help make sure that the priest, choirs and lectors are all sounding their best, please let us know!


Ushers serve in the important role of preparing the church for the Mass, greeting and seating people as they arrive, helping to take the collection, passing out bulletins at the end of Mass, and many, many other small but very important tasks so that our worship experience is as seamless as possible.  We are always looking for new people to step into this important role.

how do I find out more?

Please Contact Lisa Walsh (LISAW@STLUKECP.ORG) for more information or to offer your service in any of these ministries.